Oh dear god. 2013 taxes, 2014 estimated taxes, rent, bills, etc has totally drained my bank account. Between San Francisco and my friend visiting, Moolah is going to be tight :C Also in between projects so my source of income is not the most flowing right now

I got shit on the ebaaayyss yo.

Also, I have enough material left to hand-make one more hardcover blank notebook sorta thing. They make groovy sketchbooks or you can just admire it like “wow. Adam made that. He’s so cool”. Let me know how many pages you want and I’ll let you know how much $$$ it will be.


Just to give you guys an idea of how much I over-plan things…

I just chose a back-country camping spot based on the position of the milky way in the night sky, the surrounding geology, time of year, latitude and longitude, and surrounding campground density.

Mountains to the north and south that line up almost perfectly with each end of the milky way with a valley running east, giving a clear view of the milky way and the night sky. We’ll also be pretty isolated, literally, out in the middle of nowhere.

Also, the 4x4 only road goes right through the Hexie mountains. Should come across lots of neat rock formations and nature! :3

Im super excited